Black Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum)

Black Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum)

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  • The Summer truffle is roundish in shape covered with coarse polygonal warts, black in colour outside, brownish and veined with white within. Its average size is about that of a small apple, and in continental Europe it grows from April till end of August, prefering beech, oak and birch woods on argillaceous or calcareous soil.

    Market value:
    Even with a medium-low market value, the average truffle production is very high. It is well used fresh or for preparing sauces, patés, etc , mixed with other ingredients, for jar and canned products. Around 95% of the Eastern-European truffle production is based on this specie.

    In early season its smell can be very low or even disappear. 

    Other names:
    Scorzone, Sommer trüffel, Truffle of Saint-Jean.

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