About us

Trufo gives you unprecedented access to the world’s best truffles.
Global sourcing, complete traceability, guaranteed quality.
TRUFO is a joint-venture company between a Hungarian team of truffle specialists and an experienced group of Swiss investors with a solid background in premium foods. Starting in 2017, we have established a state of the art production plant approximately one hour east of Budapest, Hungary and are delivering fresh, semi-finished and finished truffle products to industrial-, gastronomy- and retail-clients.

Our mission is to offer "truffle solutions" for all buyers who can value quality products and seamless service. We understand not only our product, but the whole industry, hence able to provide high class service to our customers. With a wide truffle hunter network across Eastern Europe and the Balkans, TRUFO has a strong background for fresh truffle sourcing, thus being able to ensure product supply even in difficult production years.

In the process to create our truffle product range we started from the idea that truffle products should contain real truffles in considerable quantities, not just the usual 1% that is in most truffle products on the market. As a next step, we started to use natural truffle aromas to get rid the metallic taste that surrounds most similar products on the market. Finally we added a hint of transparency to show that truffles are not a product of some shady forces, but real people and their dogs who forage these delicacies to us.

No more mystification of any sort!

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