Bagnoli Truffle (Tuber mesentericum)

Bagnoli Truffle (Tuber mesentericum)

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  • The Bagnoli truffle is very similar to T. aestivum, but it distinguishes itself for its intense flavour of phenol. It is dark and warty and its flesh is consistent and whitish. It grows in symbiosis with oak trees, beeches, birch trees and hazels and you can find them in autumn and winter.

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    Some people prefer the bitter taste and smell of this truffle. If sliced thinly and applied to warm dishes, such as an Egg Benedict, it can warm the heart of the all primadonnas and afficionados.

    Sometimes its smell is bitumen-like and very unpleasent, earning the nickname of Petrol truffle.

    Other names:
    Bitumen truffel, Petrol truffle, Truffe de Meuse, Tartufo mesenterico

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