Garlic Truffle (Tuber macrosporum)

Garlic Truffle (Tuber macrosporum)

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  • The garlic truffle has a smooth aspect with some warts, and gray reddish color on the skin, in a form of a small canal. Its aroma recalls the Piedmont white truffle, and sometimes also shares the same habitat with it. Prefers living in symbiosis with poplars, oaks, hazelnuts and limes.

    Market value:
    The smooth black truffle is not very common and it is rarely commercialized, as it is very hard to find, however it is particularly appreciated worldwide. It distinguishes itself for its garlicky fragrance - similar to the white truffle - and its smooth and warty surface.

    It has the most spectacular taste between the black truffles found in Easter Europe. Succesful cultivation already started in Hungary, with great future prospects.

    Other names:
    Smooth truffle, Tartufo liscio

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