Shiitake Mushroom Suprême, Piquant, 200g
Shiitake Mushroom Suprême, Piquant, 200g

Shiitake Mushroom Suprême, Piquant, 200g

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  • Grilled & Marinated Mushrooms in Piquant Spice Oil
    ★ ORGANIC product ★ Contains only natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives!

    It is an ancient type of mushroom, well-known for its medicinal effects and special taste. Its aroma is mushroomy, spicy, and its texture is crunchy: a real mushroom delicacy!

    The members of the Mushroom Supreme group are unique products made with careful handwork. The mushrooms are grilled and then aged for several days in a vinegar-salt-honey marinade. After marinating, they are put in spice oil, which is made from a mixture of the finest olive and rapeseed oil, with the addition of green herbs. Hot peppers are also added to the Spicy versions: this gives the color and spiciness. Ready-to-eat products, can be consumed immediately in many ways:
    As an appetizer - with toast, as a mushroom salad, in egg dishes, mixed into a fresh salad, on pulled pork, pasta, pasta sauce, pizza, risotto, cream soups - as a topping for stews, for chicken, beef, fish dishes, ragouts, roasts, boiled meats, instead of meat, or... as you like!
    You can fry, cook and flavor with the spicy oil. Drizzle over salad, cream soup, stew. Put it under the egg. Stir into the sauce. Dip with fresh bread, sprinkle with salt flakes. Wash it down with wine or champagne! 

    shiitake mushrooms* (roasted) 50% origin: Austria, spice oil (rapeseed oil*, extra-virgin olive oil*, green spices*), dried tomatoes*, garlic*, paprika*, green & dried spices*, marinade (cider vinegar*, honey*, sea-salt) (*organically farmed ingredients)

    Nutrition Information per 100g product:
    Energy: 1683 kJ/409 kcal
    Total Fat: 44 g
       of which Saturated Fat: 4.4 g
    Carbohydrates: 0.8 g
       of which Sugars: 0.4 g
    Protein: 2 g
    Salt: 0.9 g

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